We are all on a journey,
the Journey of the Soul.


OPEN your heart     LIFT your vibration     

EXPAND your consciousness      CHANGE your life


shirley kilday - liquid goldYou are each on your own special journey, playing your part in the vast universal creation. All parts are equal, all parts are important, each of you has your own unique contribution to make to the whole. For some of you it is time to be awakened to your journey and to remember who you really are and what you came here to do.

When first in the process of awakening, everyone’s experience will be different. Some will read books, attend meditation classes, listen to meditation CDs, feel the need of a healing session, attend workshops, begin to be aware of the inner voice, receive communication from the Higher Realms; the ways are many and diverse. There are many people who can help you at this time and it will always be the person who is right for you. Everything is guided by Source/God through the Masters, for the primary goal of the Masters is to assist in awakening humanity to their spiritual destiny. The Masters are even connecting with you now through the energy and the vibration of this web site and these pages.

Most people see this world as a physical reality and live a life based on the five senses – sight, sound, touch, smell and taste. Yet, people from all walks of life, are becoming aware that there is more to life than this, that they are more than a physical body.

It is an illusion that the physical form is solid for you are a flowing, moving energy field. You each have our own unique energy vibration, unique but part of the whole.

You have to learn to work with this energy vibration for this is what connects you to the Source/ Creator/ God, to everything that exists.

We are all energy, we are all one.

It is time to raise your energy vibration, to move into the higher levels of existence, to play your part in the ascension of our planet earth and of humanity, to understand your place in creation, to become an awakened member of the universal spiritual hierarchy.

When you work with and raise your vibration, then you remove the veil and experience the true reality. As each one works on their own vibration so they are working with the universal vibration. We are all ripples in one great ocean of energy. The shift is affecting the collective of all life.

The Vision Journey works with your energy vibration, changing the light, the tone and the level of the vibration, further raising the physical vibration to the spiritual vibration of Self. As the energy changes within Self so it affects all aspects of Self – physical, mental, emotional and spiritual, healing you and bringing you to your full potential.

You begin to live from your Heart letting the unconditional, loving energy flow freely, for yourself, for others, for the earth, for Source/God. Through developing this heart energy, being consciously aware at all times - in thought, word and deed! - you are building a better world. A world of love, a world of peace, the world that Source/God has always intended us to enjoy and to share.

There comes a time when the people who are meant to come to me for a Vision Journey will be guided to get in contact. It is like a ‘calling to the Soul’ and I welcome them
with Love and Light.

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