Working with your Energy Vibration
after your Vision Journey

Working with your energy vibration you learn to work with the energy centre at your heart, you learn to go ‘within’. You listen to how the heart feels and move in to the flow of Being. The more you connect to the flow the more change is created in the vibration of Self. The more you focus and work with the heart the stronger your connection to your Spiritual Self and so with the Higher Consciousness. You begin to listen and respond from your heart, from your Inner Self, not just from the head and from your five physical senses.

By setting your intention, saying prayers, mantras and affirmations that resonate with your heart, you are creating beautiful energy patterns, a kaleidoscope of light and colour, within your own Energy Field, your own Being. Through working with your heart and listening to your Inner Self you begin to create unity and stability in Self. You learn to truly love yourself through acknowledging the truth about how you really feel and the changes that you would truly like in your life in order to follow your Soul Purpose.

And these changes will come!

We become a beacon for the Light, living from the heart, experiencing and sharing unconditional love, kindness, healing. For ourselves and for everyone and everything we meet or think about. Just thinking about someone is now enough to send on this level of 'energy'. I see this as balls of light flying out - like blowing the soap bubbles! - and like the soap bubbles, when they 'land' on someone they melt inside the person to be used as is best for them.

This is one way of changing the earth and everyone on the earth by just being this level of Light & energy in our everyday lives so creating the ripple effect.

Think of it as a smile and what a difference one smile can make in your day and so you then feel better and give a smile to someone else.

When Love guides the mind there is unlimited potential.

As Master Kuthumi said to me:

"The greatest gift that you can give yourself is to harness the power of your own mind. To aid the physical form to make the transition to the spiritual, you must harness the power of your own mind".

Throughout the years I have always told clients to phone or e-mail me if they need to discuss or question anything in the days/weeks after a session. If a message is left for me I will always return your call or e-mail request.

Support and guidance are ongoing.

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