shirley kilday - liquid goldI have always followed my own personal path. I learned to sit quietly, to listen and to trust in the inner voice, in the guidance coming through. Sometimes I was guided, sometimes I was shown what to do, but I didn’t just accept this, I questioned it all until I understood it better.

I have had to learn to accept and love myself for who I really am, to free myself from the illusion that began the day I was born. I have had to look at the hidden aspects of Self that were created to fit in with the illusion of what others expected. Experiences in my lives (present, parallel and past) were affecting my life today and on how I functioned mentally, emotionally and physically. We think we can shut away these experiences, these parts of ourselves but this leaves us in a fragmented state. As long as we remain fragmented we continue to perpetuate these experiences, repeating the same, old patterns.

I had to work with many experiences, to recognise and accept all these fragments of myself, learning to love and accept myself unconditionally. I still continue to do this work when I am aware of the need to do so.

The most important place for you to start as a teacher is to work with yourself first and then you can truly share experience with knowledge.

The Soul has come to grow, to know itself in its purest form, and we can never be whole and well until we learn to love ourselves unconditionally just as we are loved unconditionally by Source/ Creator/ God.

For many years I worked as a Healer then as a Usui and Karuna® Reiki Teacher until in 2004 I received a guided attunement from the Archangels which completely changed my life. I was instructed to hold Angel Atunement Workshops to spread this out to as many people as possible. Working with the Angels strengthened my vision and I was guided to use the vision as part of the workshops.

In April 2005,a Master came forward and gave us great encouragement with this message:

"Gathering of friends, welcome. We come forward to join with you in appreciation of the work you are doing, to give you confidence, to show you the path before you. Joy is in our heart, the momentum will build from a small band of people. The word is to be spread, the work to be done is a responsibilty on the shoulders of people on Earth and Great Beings send messages of Love and Compassion.

Fear not, your steps will be guided on the path appropriate for you. There will be twists and turns on the road.

None so great as the gift of Love we give to humanity but, we give this gift to you also as a personal thank you from us to you.

Know the sorrows that you hold deep in your heart, transmute them to the Light. Let the Light and the Love of the Creator enter in. Be a beacon for His Light and for His Work. Move forward in grace and humility. You are blessed to be given this chance, do not waste it, the importance of what you do, to reach out and to touch. The sorrows and sins of humanity are great. No matter the size of the pebble, all efforts make a difference. You cannot understand all at this time but, in due time, you will begin to see the bigger picture".

Over the years I have been greatly blessed by the connections to other realms, the communications with the Archangels and the Masters.

Always I have shared their knowledge and guidance.

I would be given a small titbit which I would question and ‘play’ with e.g. the Fluid Movement, the Sacred Geometry, the Genesis Pattern,  Metatron’s Cube, the Diamond Star. Then I would begin to see the effect these were having on my Energy Field, on the vibration of Self.

In April 2007 Master Kuthumi came forward and gave this beautiful message:

"Beloved ones you have made it home to the Light. Now the work begins within the heart of Self".

I continued to work with the heart of Self, the Inner Self, and I learned to live my life from the heart and the heart ‘mind’. By working on the heart of Self you are also helping your family for you are changing what is familiar at the cellular level. The more you work with the heart of Self the more this reaches out and touches all others.

I began to access past and parallel lives, other dimensions and other realms of existence. I realised that it was all to do with vibration, the vibration of Self. The frequency of the vibration was the key to the opening of the doors.

In 2007 more Masters came forward and I was asked to refine the vision to work with people individually on a one-to-one basis – the Vision Journey.

My vision opened up and, for me, it is like watching a television screen, or a film, and yet I am part of it all. It is as clear as my everyday life. The Archangels, the Masters and the Higher Realms are now part of my life, there is no division, no separateness, they are always with me and I with them.

In January, 2009, while I was visiting relatives abroad, I received a very clear, but puzzling, message from Spirit to contact William MacLean who is a Light Worker now living in Easter Ross and whom I had met on several occasions previously.  About the same time, William received a similar message to contact me.

William's spiritual path has been quite different from mine.  While I had been guided towards working directly with people, William had been guided towards an understanding of the energy flows supporting the natural Earth and how these energy flows can become disrupted, often by human activity.  From the late 1990s, he had travelled to various places in Britain and abroad, on the instructions of Spirit, to assist in the clearing of large accumulations of psychic pollution.

In 2008, William was called to assist Spirit in setting up energetic structures at several locations on the Earth to enable Spirit to feed a massive amount of healing energy into the multi-dimensional core of the Earth.  This energy is now in place and in potential awaiting the next stage in the process.

William and I did contact one another.  Only later, however, did we begin to undestand the implications of why Spirit had put us together

In 2009, I began doing visions over the telephone for individuals.

In April, 2010, William and I were married.  Later that summer, while we were on holiday on the Isle of Skye where William has ancestral connections, a Higher Being appeared to us.  He told us that he was an inter-dimensional Peace Traveller.  His message for William was:

"It is no longer enough to just heal the Earth. You must endeavour to heal the warring factions within the hearts of man".

In early 2011, Lord Kuthumi told me to start doing vision work with groups.  It was only then that the Peace Traveller's message began to make sense.  William was to work with me in the groups.

I am deeply committed to my path which is to help awaken each individual to their ‘Inner Self’, to the Light and Love of Source/ Creator/ God. And so to help them rediscover their reason for coming to this earth, the part they have to play in the ascension of the earth and humanity into the fifth dimension.

We are all on the Journey of the Soul.

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