Stepping Stones Along The Way

When I worked with the Fluid Movement I began to work metaphysically as well as physically, taking my intention to work with water. In my mind I took myself to my favourite place by the water, to see the sun as it reflects on the water and the water as it ripples in the breeze.

When I did this, taking my vision to the water, I connected with the Fluid Movement. The more I worked with the Fluid, the more I connected to the flow; the more I connected to the flow, the more change was created in the vibration of Self. This change in the vibration of Self changed the movement of my Energy Field so I was working with a higher level of consciousness, expanding that consciousness and so developing my Inner Senses.

Every experience that affects us is like some-one dropping a pebble in a pond of water. The rippling effect of this spreads out over our life, affecting the flow in our Energy Field, disrupting and changing it. This block, this disruption, will then show as a physical, mental or emotional ailment of some kind. Working with the Fluid Movement allowed me to heal these disruptions, these blocks, in the Energy Field before they affect the other bodies.

I learned to work with the Fluid Movement when working with healing, with myself, and with others. After a period of time I automatically connected to the Fluid Movement as my vibration became stronger and picked up on my intention. I only had to think ‘water’ and I was into the ‘flow’.

All matter is made up of atoms. I was guided to use the atom. By visualising the atom I was stating my intention to be healed at the subatomic level.

Our D.N.A. stores our genetic information, it is the blueprint of life. By visualising the D.N.A.Symbol I was stating my intent to be healed at the D.N.A. level.

By visualising the Infinity Symbol I was stating my intent for the healing to flow continuously, without restriction.

Then I was guided to use the Sacred Geometry. When I asked for the Sacred Geometry to be placed in my Heart Centre, I was working with one or more of the Geometric Shapes, also called Elements. These six elements are the building blocks of the universe. The elements of earth (cube), air (octahedron), fire (tetrahedron), water (icosahedron), ether (dodecahedron) and voidness (sphere). Another name for the elements is the Platonic Solids.

The shape(s) flowed from the Heart Centre out into my Energy Field. This changed the light within the Self which, in turn, affected the tone ( sound ), all of which raised my vibration from the Physical vibration to the Spiritual vibration. I was vibrating at a higher vibrational level and so the Soul and Personality were then working in harmony.

To do healing in its totality, I was guided to work with more than this, to work with Metatron’s Cube. Metatron’s Cube is connected to the structure of the universe and, as the human body is a microcosm of the universe, so Metatron’s Cube is connected to the structure of man. When you look at Metatron’s Cube you are looking at all the Platonic Solids at once, they are all contained within Metatron’s Cube.

When doing Channelling and Healing I asked that Metatron’s Cube be placed in the Heart Centre and I said Metatron’s Mantra. This mantra was given to me in March 2006.

 " Metatron's Cube is the totality of man within the spectra of life".

I applied this – my light changed and so did my vibration. This changed the tone of the vibration, I was vibrating at a higher vibrational level. The soul and personality were working in harmony – it quickened – it enhanced everything.

Then I was guided to add in the Genesis Pattern so I asked that the Genesis Pattern be placed in my Heart Centre and I was given a mantra to use with this.

I am the Genesis Pattern, the Genesis Pattern is within me.

This then created movement, connection and change through my multidimensional self.

There is no beginning, there is no end, everything is working multidimensionally.

The heart sits in an energy centre that is activated in a different way by the Angel Attunement. I was connected to the Angels and to their energies. This allowed me to work with my own heart for my own healing and I was taking responsibility for my own life. This is a commitment I made to myself, to work with the Angels on a daily basis to allow myself to build up the strength of this connection with the Angels, with my Spiritual Self and so with the Higher Consciousness.

Working with the Fluid I had become aware of crystals in the water, different shapes and colours and I could tell by the beautiful patterns and colours how the work was affecting my Energy Field. As my light and vibration changed so too did the crystals and colours. This led on to, what I now call, the kaleidoscope. As I work with my Inner Self, assimilating new energies, I see the patterns and colours moving and creating shapes just like in a kaleidoscope. This is in my Heart Centre but also in my Energy Field, always changing, always evolving. It is just absolutely beautiful.

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