Vision Journeys

One-to-one Vision Journey Sessions


Personal Vision Appointments with Shirley


Phone Vision Appointments with Shirley

Each phone Vision Journey is also recorded and then emailed to the person. 


Group Vision Journey Workshops


Online Vision Journeys - beginning in August


During a Vision Journey I have direct contact with the Higher Realms and I am blessed to be able to share this with you and for you to experience direct contact with the Masters.
Angels and Masters come forward and work with you, while my role has become that of a channeller, a helper and a companion.

Your vision journey may be to somewhere in this world or through the Universe, or to other realms and to other dimensions.

Most people are able to see, feel and watch the progress of their vision journey as it unfolds.

Every journey is different and unique to the individual.

Whatever happens is specific to you, to your Energy Bodies, to guide you on your next step on the path.
These steps are personal to you and the Masters set the pace according to your vibration. There are levels within levels and you move on when you assimilate the changes and everything is balanced and integrated.

As you reach higher levels you will begin to become aware of the vastness and the mysteries of all life.  There is no separation - we are each a unique part of the whole.

You are refining and raising the vibration of Self - your conscious awareness is expanding.
As your vibration rises, more doors will open for you.

You are changing your life.


Group Workshops

The process is similar to that for a one-to-one vision journey.  My role is to act as a channel for higher Energy, the Energy of Divine Love, to come through.  As the Energy comes through, I describe what I see as a vision journey. 

The Energy will, however, interact with each person individually in accordance with that person's needs.

A group session consists of four vision journeys. 

The first journey is usually of a preparatory nature, allowing the Energy to manifest in a gradual manner.  The second and third journeys are usually where the work occurs while the fourth journey serves to settle and consolidate the Energy.

The whole process is direct and to the point and requires no special preparation or ceremony. 

For my part the process is a complete act of faith and trust as I have no advance knowledge of how the vision journeys will unfold.

Towards the end of the workshop, we have an informal discussion about what has happened over a cup of tea.  All present are welcome to ask questions about what has happened and to share any insights they may have had.


We are all children of Mother Earth. We cannot live separately from her any more than we can live separately from the Universe.


Our task now is to realign the Heart of Self with the Heart of the Earth and with the Heart of the Universe.

The time is now.

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